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Kako smo se obreli ovde

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Kako izbjeći reinkarnacijsku zamku

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Izbacimo li neke "Đizu" religiozne poveznice (da, to je moje subjektivno mišljenje), video je prilično dobar.
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There is no "battle". It was lost before it started. It's a charade. The only real fight is internal, to get out of this system of control. This whole realm was created as a food pyramid, to manufacture and feed on lower forms of "life". What we call "life" is manufactured (like from conscious, mental beings) physical prison of a body/carbon matrix.

The body is actually not yours, it's "theirs". To make you part of the food chain, part of the matrix. To make you believe the body is yourself, so the real you gives it your energy. The real you is the one that animates the body, the real you provides the energy, to the matrix, being fooled it's the body. This is why you start life full of energy, full of dreams, then get used/drained and die after few years. I.e. you get released, but only to charge again, and then forced to reincarnate for the next round of harvest. They call it - Samsara.
No, sadly this is not a movie scenario, this is the realm you are living in... It was created by beings just like you, as a game for you to play. It's a nasty game, but hey, why not. Most people here really like to play nasty games. They were given similar power to control/abuse others. Do you really like to be part of this chain? Since yes, it's a chain \ pyramid control structure. To get at higher position, you must get closer to the creators of this realm. Is it surprising then, that our ruling class are Satanists? Narcissists and sociopaths? Of course they are, since this world is ruled by Satan... Which by the way was written in the gospels also...

This world was build on suffering, so others can feed on it. Suffering produces energy. Not saying if it's "good" or "bad", do you "learn" something that way. The truth is - it doesn't matter. It's an energy source. Suffering makes your essence release energy, so they use it as a tool to produce food. I.e. - this is your pay for taking part in this "great game".


Isus Krist = spasitelj pomazanik a ne Ime i Prezime.
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"Šah-mat za čojvječanstvo" {vjerovali ili ne, ovo je snimljeno 2013.g.  Kažem to danas, u jesen 2021.g. impresioniran ostvarivanjem onoga iz zelene kocke-strelice na slici ... }