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I reject this notion of oneness, we exist in a field of source of oneness, but we are not one. So, I have completely different view on what you're getting from these new-agers or from these other spiritual gurus out there;
Oneness or anything that robs you of your individuality is, to me, bullshit.

When you die, if you don't actually desire to leave, if you not intent on doing it, and I think that is the only thing you have to do,  to fully intend to do it and commit to it, and then you can leave.
Otherwise you get stuck in a loop here; you get seduced or frightened or guilted or whatever works on you, to stay here and to reincarnate again. I think that is actual secrets of what is going on here.

...You meet the Gatekeeper, and you ask „What is that? Looks very interesting? What is that human life that I can experience temporarily? It sounds fascinating!” -- and it does, form naive point of view.
And then, Gatekeeper will say „Well, you just have to opt in, here are the conditions...”
And they throw a whole bunch of information at you telepathically, and then you agree, because you were anxious to try something new.
So you opt in and then you get born as human being... [...] ...and then you die and come out of your body and then, before you leave the system, there will be some kind of Gatekeeper there, and even more of (them) what appear or shape-shift into whatever fits the last experience you had as a human; the religion you had, or whatever would make you most at ease, or framed in your communications depending on what kind of minds you have.
      It's [Gatekeeper's] job is to lure you back in... you know: „ .. karma (bla bla)” , and „ .. don't you want to fix this problem?”, „ .. we can put you in a soul pot with a like a family of souls and you guys can change roles throughout different life times” ... bla bla bla.

I wanna share my unfettered unrestricted opinion about this whole reality we're experiencing as human beings. My solution to how to exit, which is:
You really need to stay here as long as possible, ironically.
Question: „Can I just kill myself?”
My answer is: Well, not really, I don't think so, because every day, my gnosis, my knowledge increases ... every now and then I will find another piece of puzzle, another thing that makes me even stronger internally and how I know things, and my certainty of things ...

AND I am not trying to find things that reinforce what I already think; I am challenging myself, and that is another thing you need to do – challenge what you think is so by looking at what people that don't agree with you say ...

... it seems to me that more and more people are starting to realize this is a Soul farmer reincarnation trap. AND when that happens, there is a active suppression; like when the Cathars were around - the catholic church killed them, burned their cities.

(There is a active suppression) ANY time gnostics rise up in whatever form, in other words, someone who has a philosophy based on their knowledge, not necessarily proof – we don't have blind faith, I don't have blind faith ...
... so you've got to stick around here if you actually figured out this is soul farm because every piece of the puzzle makes you stronger, every bit of knowledge gets you closer to the exit and then you get to even see that it is really super simple; it is just a matter of: „Oh, I'm finally dead. I've lived long long life, now I'm getting hell out of here. See ya! No more reincarnations for me. Take your bullshit whatever shape you have! Look at me, I am formless! I can shape-shift into anything I want!”
      Don't forget, when you come out of your human body you don't have to maintain your human form anymore. You can appear to be anything you want or you can appear as nothingness. And that you are determine by your intention to exit and I mean the entire universe, because there is more beyond this, and then go out of here.
The End

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Čini se da vlada jedno uvriježeno mišljenje da je ovaj Realm/Matrix prvobitno bio stvoren od strane nekog dobrog boga (kao da takav postoji), pa je onda uzurpiran od strane ovih ili onih sila koje su ga preotele i prepravile da služi u njihove svrhe, i to još uvijek traje. Uz takvo mišljenje obično ide i razmišljanje o spasitelju, dobrim vanzemaljcima, uzašlim majstorima, 'nama iz budućnosti', crvenkapi ili princu iz Snjeguljice (sve nabrojano ima jednaku podlogu u stvarnosti) koji će nas spasiti, ili barem dati uputstvo (metafizički vazelin) za bolji život sada i možda sutra, za "podizanje našeg vibracijskog nivoa u svrhu ascenzije", ili koji će kad-tad (evo samo što nisu) poraziti prije pomenute sile te povratiti ovaj realm/matrix u njegovo „prvobitno (blago)stanje”.

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