Problem With Tom Campbell's BIG TOE

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{Nije da te stvari ne znam, nego je mi je vrlo iznenađujuće kada vidim da i su i drugi počeli koristiti svoje alate ...}
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Tom was going down the right path but he took that wrong turn just as Robert Monroe did, right back into the "all loosh is love" error. I'm amazed that both men could be that easily fooled. For any thinking person, it is quite clear what is going on in this realm, it is a loosh farm full of pain, striving and suffering. Saying it is about "learning to love" or it is a "game we forgot we were playing" is completely ridiculous and evil!!!

Right path wrong turn that is a good way of saying it. Robert Monroe too. I just don't get how some people can be so blind to information even when it's right in front of them and they are researching it!  

In his book Far Journeys, Robert Monroe had a conversation with the entity he called INSPEC. In this convo, the INSPEC confirmed that what RM saw in his "loosh farm" travel was totally true, but that "all loosh is love."
RM said to the INSPEC, "but hate, pain, suffering, death... surely those are NOT the same as LOVE?"
The INSPEC then said to him "how do you define love in your terms, Robert?"

At this point, I would expect any thinking person to say back to the INSPEC, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?" But instead, RM simply says "...so... loosh is really... love?" and the INSPEC replies "now you are getting it, Mr. Monroe."
This makes my head explode!!! RM goes on to finish his book (and the entire content of his third book is the same) talking about "love and light" and "reclaiming the lost pieces of your soul prior to merging with the absolute." I can not stop thinking about this. It scares me that such a clear twisting of the meaning of the word love was swallowed SO EASILY AND COMPLETELY by RM, and also by Tom Campbell, and they go on to indoctrinate other people with this absolute garbage!!!

Yeah it's pretty obvious that INSPEC was feeding Monroe BS. It amazes me that even experienced astral projectors fall for this crap.
I have a similar problem with William Buhlman. I agree with him on about ninety percent of what he has to say. But when he starts talking about reincarnation it's clear he doesn't have a clue. I think some of these people are probably deliberately putting out disinformationAnd then some of them are just ignorant.
    I know this though.
These entities can't fool me. They routinely show up in my dreams disguised as dream characters and they think I'm so stupid I can't tell the difference. It's not like it's that difficult. I can easily sense they're negative intentions toward me. I can even find them when they make themselves invisible because I can sense they're presence. And I've only been at this for four years. Monroe had decades of experience So how they were able to fool him I have no idea.
    My guess is when they find someone who has frequent out of body experiences they try to either scare the crap out of them or indoctrinate them as quickly as possible. In my case that clearly didn't work. Unfortunately so many people are fooled by them though. The only this is going to end is when people stop being fooled.

" If it weren't for duality there'd be no experience, no dramas, nothing learned, no expansion etc." I used to think that way too, but that is just the "duality" mindset, that we have been deeply programmed to believe. We have been here so long, duality is all we have to reference in terms of existence. Duality includes all manner of pain, suffering and death. Most people are still totally attached to it, even though it is horrible. I know in my heart that I don't need duality in order to exist. I am so done with duality and all the deceptions that go along with it.


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